Hurricane 500 is a versatile 170 hp diesel or electric trailer mounted vacuum - our most popular unit.
Hurricane 500 is a versatile 170 hp diesel or electric trailer mounted vacuum - our most popular unit.

This is how Hurricane vacuum works.

Trailer Mounted Industrial Vacuums

When it comes to trailer mounted vacuums, Versatility is the best keyword used to describe the Hurricane™.

What makes the Hurricane™ vacuums so versatile is the automatic or manual discharge of material into any dump truck, dumpster, container or bag up to 3,3 m high.

Increased power and output of more than 35% bridges the gap between trailer and truck mounted vacuum loaders without sacrificing the compact design, maneuverability and lower costs unique to trailer mounted units.

The Hurricane™ models from 60 to 240 kW engine and from 1.440 to 9.560 m3/h vacuum airflow are listed in order to help with your selection. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding our Hurricane™ models.

Available Hurricane™ Trailer Mounted Vacuums

Hurricane 400 - NEW

Smallest, but powerfull 60 kW (80 HP) turbo charged diesel trailer mounted vacuum. Our recently developed unit.


Hurricane 500

Versatile 126 kW (170 HP) turbo charged diesel or electric (110 kW) trailer mounted vacuum (4.000 m3/h vacuum airflow). Our most popular unit built due to its compact yet powerful size. Hurricane 500 Specification and Drawing Sheet (PDF).

Hurricane 600

The Hurricane 600 was developed for the roofing industry for roof rock removal. The 600 model has become popular in other industries like catalyst handling due to its 6.200 m3/h airflow rating. Hurricane 600 Specification Sheet (PDF).

Hurricane 755

Bigger is better! Using 225 HP turbo charged diesel engine Hurricane 755 creates 6.200 m3/h airflow and 68 cm of mercury. All the power you need to perform the toughest of projects.

Hurricane 828

The biggest trailer mounted vacuum available: 325 HP turbo charged diesel engine, 9.560 m3/h airflow. This model uses the same powerful blower used on the big vac trucks.

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